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Video is powerful tool in telling a story and creating a message that your brand wants to deliver. We believe that a video-product will bring you results. Our approach combines a deep understanding of you and your audience, with the aim of creating videos that inspire and encourage action.

Reach your audience

Show the story you want to tell and motivate your audience to take action, to purchase and to engage.

Build relationship

We want to build a lasting relationship with you. We believe that best videos are achieved through sharing ideas and working together.

About us

We are a Slovenian based video production company that serves clients all over the country and all over the globe. Our team of young, ambitious and skilled creators is full of fresh ideas with intention to make the strongest video possible.
We create videos at a reasonable cost that drives results and empowers our clients to be confident that their marketing material will work. We believe that the future of communications starts with video.

Team ALP Media

Luka Pasinović

Creative Director

Anja Pasinović

Assistant Director

How we create


Firstly, we listen to you and your ideas and bring them into the story with the goal of mutual fulfillment. We define the target audience and formulate a marketing strategy.


In the production part, the script comes to life and gets an professional image in 6K resolution.


The final part of the project includes processing the videos of the final story, adding sound effects and music. With graphic and textual animation, the video is given the final look. Finally, color correction and color gradation follow, the video product gets an aesthetic and modern look.

Our work

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We are also offering photography.

Stock footage

We are also selling clips on Shutterstock. You can check our portfolio by clicking on an icon.

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